Bridging the Digital Divide

Round 2 Research & Education Center, a nonprofit community support service working to eliminate the digital divide by implementing internet high speed cyber café, as well as partnership with Comcast Internet Essential by making high-speed, low cost internet service and computers, as well as free digital literacy courses accessible to all unconnected Americans. Comcast Internet Essentials, a broadband adoption programs available to eligible families Round 2 Research & Education Center is working to bridge the Digital Divide and Homework Gap by providing Internet Hub Cafes (Computer Centers) to ensure that all can experience the benefits of Broadband. Technology and adoption of broadband internet, which improve all areas of life. Round 2 Research & Education Center provides comprehensive skills and job programs. We invite you to join us in changing lives in under served communities across Michigan.

Round 2 Research & Education Center’s goals are to continue to reduce the democratizing power of broadband internet to provide opportunity to all in underserved communities regardless of age, race, geography, income, or education level.

Bridging Homework Gap

According to the Pew Research Center, more than half of teachers in low-income communities said that their students’ lack access to online resources at home presented a major challenge to integrate technology into their classroom.

Bridging Digital Literacy

Round 2 Research & Education Center’s will utilize The Digital Literacy portal as an initiative of the Obama Administration to serve as a valuable resource to practitioners who are delivering digital literacy training and services in their communities. As more and more jobs and educational offerings are available online, the ability to navigate the Internet is critical to participate more fully in the economy. Jumpstarted by a federal interagency working group dedicated to spurring the advancement of digital literacy across all age groups and stages of learning, the Digital Literacy portal organizes content conveniently, enables valuable discussion and collaboration among users and elevates best practices to improve the quality of digital literacy offerings.   Round 2 Research & Education Center’s will invite users to share their content and their ideas to make the portal more robust and to fulfill its role as a destination for practitioners devoted to enhancing digital opportunity for all Americans.