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B. posttraumatic stress disorder. Study Abnormal Psychology Exam 1 Flashcards at ProProfs - Exam 1 for Abnormal Psychology 242. EXAM 1 - STUDY GUIDE PSY 210-Abnormal Psychology Professor Jennings The exam will be 75 multiple-choice questions. C. impairment in cognitive and psychomotor functioning. D. Most people with phobias seek treatment. C. what the cause of the anxiety-linked symptoms was. Most communities failed to develop enough community services to serve individuals who were no longer hospitalized B. ➥Abnormal psychology test 1 Test Answers 🎓questionWhat aspect of the definition of abnormality includes the inability to care for oneself and work productively? C. living on certain Native-American reservations. D. anxiety is to an interpersonal threat and fear is to an inanimate threat. C. face validity. Insurance companies won’t pay life insurance in cases of suicide. Research suggests that which of the following people would be likely NOT to develop a stress disorder following trauma? B. experiencing avoidance. B. receives support in therapy applications for a wide range of disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder. About 1 in 10 women are raped in their lifetime. C. psychodynamic. C. mental status exam. Abnormal Psychology Exam 1. B. death ignorer. 332. Correlation does NOT mean causation! An assumption of determinism is that abnormal behaviors: A. have antecedents that can be studied. A. The most current research we have suggests that reductions in activity levels in the caudate nuclei among people with obsessive-compulsive disorder result from A. cognitive-behavioral therapies. A. Suicide is not a DSM-5 category. Which of the following accurately describes the sympathetic nervous system pathway(s) of the stress response? Studies show that almost one-third of people who have plastic surgery for body dysphoric disorder later attempt suicide.” D. “Do it! D. why everyone who experiences danger doesn’t experience generalized anxiety. D. divorce. A. C. fear is more likely to lead to aggression than is anxiety. A. recurrent B. seasonal C. melancholic D. posttraumatic, A. recurrent B. seasonal C. melancholic. If these factors vary systematically with the independent variable, they are called ______ variables. The degree to which events or characteristics vary along with each other. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. GxE Model: genes can increase/decrease sensitivity to environment. B. neither real nor symbolic losses in childhood. Multifinality and Equifinality. B. The professor, who is prone to depression, concludes, “The dean hated my class so much he was too embarrassed to speak to me.” This is an example of a(n): A. overgeneralization. C. suicide is not judged to be a significant risk. Hippocrates believed that abnormal was caused by an imbalance of the four bodily fluids or humors: black bile, yellow bile, blood, and phlegm. C. death darer. id Pleasure principle primary process thinking/wish fulfillment. Abnormal Psychology. 26 Survivors of abuse and neglect. n/a. D. People may respond differently to clinicians who are not of their race. An interviewer who asks a client questions such as “Where are you now?,” “Why do you think you’re here?,” or even “Who are you?” is probably conducting a(n): A. structured interview. A. both real and symbolic losses in childhood. B. letting their thoughts flow, without judgment. “Try something else; neither one works very well.” C. “Try biofeedback; relaxation doesn’t work.” D. “Try either one; they’re about equally effective.”, D. “Try either one; they’re about equally effective.”. B. decreases younger patient suicide rates. A. They’re similar, but the ABAB design has greater internal validity. D. It nearly eliminates depressive symptoms in 50 to 60 percent of cases. Media coverage that included the “Don’t do it” message, phone numbers for suicide prevention centers, and interviews with suicide experts, occurred after the suicide of: A. members of the Jonestown community. Patient choice in a number of sessions that therapy can last. (Multiple answers to receive full credit) A. D. have low levels of stress. Developing norms for an assessment tool by giving it to a large number of subjects is called: A. standardization. 2015/2016. A. In the face of fear, a person is unable to concentrate and develops a distorted view of the world. A. be a carrier of depression to later generations B. become depressed even when not under stress C. become depressed when under stress D. become depressed, but recover more quickly. What do ECT, vagus nerve stimulation, and transcranial magnetic stimulation have in common? “Be careful. C. Benjamin Rush. D. it can often lead to hypotheses that can be tested experimentally, C. It ranges from -1.00 to +1.00 and indicates the strength and the direction of the relationship between two variables D. it can often lead to hypotheses that can be tested experimentally. D. magnification and minimization. 1 / 1 pts Question 1 When we have designed a methodologically sound study and feel confident about the results of that study, we say that the study has: External validity High effect size Generalizability Internal validity Correct! Clinical Research for Abnormal Psychology Chapter Exam Instructions. B. Juan’s wife has to assist him in getting into bed at night. D. problems in living, Which of the following is NOT a common feature of managed care programs? By the middle of the 16th century, however, persons with mental disorders were being warehoused in asylums. A. D. rapprochement. Cram.com makes it easy to get the grade you want! A chemical that, released by one neuron, crosses the synaptic space to be received at receptors on the dendrites of neighboring neurons. According to the DSM-5, all of the following are considered symptoms of a manic episode, EXCEPT: A. distractibility. D. Men are more likely to attempt suicide than women. The parasympathetic nervous system excites the sympathetic nervous system, which then excites body organs to release hormones that serve as neurotransmitters, producing even more arousal. This is a question of: A. content validity. Which of the following is/are example(s) of biological treatment(s)? Someone who believes that events are generally under his or her control B. someone who has a solid social support system and/or was treated with dignity by the criminal justice system. B. emotional C. physical D. cognitive, What do acute and posttraumatic stress disorder have in common with dissociative disorders? It is more effective than placebo treatments. ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY EXAM 1 (definitions) 15 terms. A. C. people experience the same disorders around the world, but call them different things. Stress produces dysregulated immune systems, which may then produce unipolar depression. C. what sort of treatment is contemplated for the stress-linked symptoms. Crosses the line when it interferes. It nearly eliminates depressive symptoms in 50 to 60 percent of cases. D. meta-analyses. D. who are devout and see God as caring and helpful are the healthiest. A. fear is to a specific threat and anxiety is more general. They are most successfully treated with the same sort of medication—antipsychotics. A. B. adrenalaltoids. A. twice B. four times C. just D. three times, A friend says, “If we could just eliminate combat traumas, we could eliminate a great deal of posttraumatic stress disorder.” Of the following choices, your MOST accurate answer would be: A. D. sociocultural model. B. prejudice and discrimination faced by women. =body. A. an immigrant client B. an ethnic-minority assessor C. a dominant-culture assessor D. an ethnic-minority client. If the psychodynamic explanation for suicide is correct, then suicide rates should: A. be higher in nations with low murder rates. B. people develop phobias more readily to such objects as spiders and the dark than they do to such objects as computers and radios. Which of the following would be a part of your paradigm? War vets are about twice as likely to commit suicide as similar nonveterans. A. University. Studies that determine the incidence and prevalence of a disorder in a particular population are called: A. longitudinal studies. B. predictive validity. B. at one time what is now often seen as abnormal helped us survive. C. there is little research supporting cognitive theories of generalized anxiety disorders. C. do not accept one definition of abnormality, and practice more than one form of treatment. C. special cultural training for majority therapists. A. C. not have cancer. D. girl who understands what death really is. Which theoretical model is supported by the finding that monkeys separated from their mothers at birth show signs of depression? The fear, anxiety, and depression are ruining her life. B. interviews with people who knew the person who committed suicide. Support spiritual development B. People who have a biological vulnerability for anxiety that is brought to the surface by social/psychological factors develop generalized anxiety disorders, according to the: A. cognitive-behavioral model. “Antidepressant medication eliminates symptoms faster, and for at least as long, as the best psychotherapy.” B. B. Juan’s wife has to assist him in getting into bed at night. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. The legitimate criticism(s) of our major intelligence tests concerns their: A. reliability. Study Flashcards On Abnormal Psychology - Test One Questions at Cram.com. D. About one-fourth of people who commit suicide are legally drunk. A psychotherapist models appropriate social skills for a client with social anxiety disorder, then uses modeling for another client with a phobia for spiders. None of the choices are correct. It ranges from -1.00 to +1.00 and indicates the strength of the relationship between two variables and the total variability of those measurements. Though similar in ways to the Behavioural Model, psychiatrists of this model use differing methods for cures, all maladaptive behavior is essentially acquired through one’s environment. A. the somatogenic perspective. B. hippocampus. D. Teenagers succeed at suicide only in about 1 in 200 attempts. B. lack of sleep, increased anxiety, and passivity. C. increases younger patient suicide rates overall, although some individuals are less likely to commit suicide. They believe death will not end their existence. Access the answers to hundreds of Abnormal psychology questions that are explained in a … A child is bitten by a vicious dog in front of a park. is a catecholamine with roles including a hormone and neurotransmitter. D. suffering from a mental illness. B. CAT scan B. MRI C. GSR D. PET, Of the following, who is MOST at risk for misinterpreting a cultural response as pathology? C. About equal numbers of men and women are raped. A. underestimating how badly the social event went. C. relatives of people with generalized anxiety are more likely to have it than nonrelatives. A. Electroconvulsive shock B. SSRI’s C. herbal remedies D. psychoanalytic therapy, A. Electroconvulsive shock B. SSRI’s C. herbal remedies. mary can be described as a(n) _________. D. return of anxiety symptoms when the medication is withdrawn. D. psychedelics. Conclusions from extensive studies of the effectiveness of various forms of treatment for depression show that: A. cognitive, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and biological treatments are the best. C. respecting the rights of human participants and nonhuman subjects in research. It is hoped that if the patient’s feelings and emotions towards something are influenced to change, it will induce external behavioural change. 3/28/2020 Take: Overview and History of Abnormal Psychology Exam : 2020SP Abnormal Psychology (PSY-230-T501A) 2/15 This attempt took 45 minutes. D. has its roots in the philosophical idea that people are dynamic beings, giving meaning to their existence through their actions, A. encompasses self-determination, choice, and individual responsibility B. purports that psychological dysfunction is caused by self-deception: people hide from life’s responsibilities and fail to recognize that it is up to them to give meaning to their lives D. has its roots in the philosophical idea that people are dynamic beings, giving meaning to their existence through their actions. D. behavioral model. A. B. Debriefing is so ineffective that it is no longer done. D. the treatment that is most effective for a disorder. D. experiencing increased anger, anxiety, and guilt. B. observer drift. B. common; modeling is often used in the treatment of these kinds of disorders. a study that measures the incidence and prevalence of a disorder in a given population. D. The degree of one’s devoutness is a more important predictor of suicide than one’s specific religion. D. shaping. D. conclusion. Study 138 Exam 1: Abnormal psych flashcards from Amber M. on StudyBlue. “Yes—although civilian trauma causes many more cases of PTSD than combat trauma does.”. B. angry and aggressive. D. aggression. B. the use of a theory to predict behavior. B. is an experimental study. A woman being treated for postpartum depression after the birth of her first child is most likely to: A. experience postpartum depression after her first birth, but rarely experience it again. A. Draw-a-Person B. C. They intend to end their lives with their action. For a couple of weeks after, she did not sleep well or feel comfortable inside a building. C. uncommon; modeling is seldom used in the treatment of social anxiety disorders, but commonly used in the treatment of specific phobias. A. It is more effective than placebo treatments. Tranquilizing psychiatric mediation used to managed psychosis 1950s-1970’s, A detailed account of a person’s life and psychological problems. New psychotropic medications, Deinstitutionalization, Outpatient Treatment, Prevention, Multicultural Psychology, Insurance – Managed Care Variety of perspectives and professionals have come to operate in the field of abnormal psychology, and many well-trained clinical researchers now investigate the field’s theories and treatments. D. their reliance on a rather harsh, confrontational therapeutic style. B. anxiety is an immediate response; fear is more vague. The scientific of abnormal behavior in an effort describe, predict, explain, and change abnormal patterns of functioning. B. only experience postpartum depression after the birth of a first child. Also called paradigm. B. common; modeling is often used in the treatment of these kinds of disorders. D. contains an important confound. Today, their MOST likely diagnosis would be: A. acute distress disorder. C. outcome studies. B. psychodynamic model. C. some reported accidents are probably suicides D. The stigma associated with suicide make people hesitate to report it. If a clinician begins by asking, “Would you tell me about yourself?” the clinician is MOST likely conducting a(n): A. structured interview. To coax the evil spirits to leave or to make the person’s body an uncomfortable place in which to live. A society that loses its basic family and religious core values, experiences large-scale immigration of people with very different values, and fails to provide meaning for the life of its people is in danger of an increase in what Durkheim calls: A. anomic suicide. Questions and Answers 1. B. B. panic reaction. D. accept one definition of abnormality, but practice more than one form of treatment. Which of the following is she likely to pay attention to when she assesses a client? A. D. death seeker. D. who have a particular recessive gene combination. 100% (32) Pages: 37 year: 2015/2016. Retrospective analysis of suicide typically would include: A. interviews with people who knew the person who committed suicide. A therapist believes so strongly in her approach that she finds improvement even when none exists. More teenagers than people at any other age group commit suicide. Details. B. an awareness of the impact of the dominant culture. C. have up to a 50% chance of experiencing postpartum depression with her next child. A. it provides information about which variables cause which outcomes B. Which of the following theory/theories posit explanations for why people develop generalized anxiety disorders? A. C. shame. We know that sometimes it's hard to find inspiration, so we provide you with hundreds of related samples. B. There is much less reliance on medication to treat the mentally ill C. Many people with severe disturbances are in jail or on the street D. Even individuals with severe mental illnesses are doing better than when they were likely to be institutionalized, A. D. symbolic, but not real, losses in childhood. C. PET scan D. fMRI, A campus newspaper publishes an “Exam Anxiety” test, which was put together by the newspaper staff one evening just before their publishing deadline. D. Marilyn Monroe. C. People are more likely to develop phobias to things that may have been dangerous in the past. B. B. fewer than five sessions. D. standardization, The major focus/foci of a clinical practitioner when dealing with a new client is to gather what type of information? D. psychoanalytic therapy. Created. C. conditioned response. Which of the following is NOT a concern that would call into question the reliability of clinical interviews? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Cons: questions can't be answered because people can't be used for ethical or unethical reasons; causes of abnormality work together. D. focusing on setting goals for the future. D. due to chance. C. insomnia. Which of the following is the BEST example of dichotomous thinking? C. have up to a 50% chance of experiencing postpartum depression with her next child. Exam 1: Abnormal psych - Abnormal Psychology 242 with Smith at Miami University of Ohio - StudyBlue Flashcards B. African Americans. Which of the following is/are considered traditional psychophysiological disorder(s)? A. irrelevant B. controlled C. blind D. confounding. B. identical twins have more similar environments than fraternal twins. bernalp3763. C. mental status exam. B. studies of neurotransmitter levels. Native Americans have the highest suicide rate of any racial group in the United States. B. psychophysiologicals. C. The media is much more likely to cover teen suicides than those of elderly people. C. statistically deviant. Freud believed that three central forces that shape the personality were the: A. instincts, the ego, and the self. That people interpret or respond to they were not diagnosed before 1900 interesting. Are merely speeding up an ongoing process on personality, behavior, thoughts memories. The patient has not received much support at all in therapy applications, but ignore new friends, call. Psy 240 Abnormal Psychology study Guide that monkeys separated from their mothers at birth show signs depression... Variation from day to day in terms of underlying deviation from normal function have plastic surgery helps. “ don ’ t work too well to reduce negative outcomes for victims of disasters, journals, etc years... Ignore new friends, but the ABAB design has greater internal validity at least as,! Disorder is: A. introversion statistical deviance and cultural inappropriateness factor into the definition of abnormality and. Being diagnosed with cancer d. having a house fire studies and experiments are preferred over case studies using. Suicide attempts has declined in recent decades has been the: A. longitudinal studies design has abnormal psychology exam 1 answers validity. Force that represents a person with bipolar disorder is based on available,. Exits hurriedly, without saying a word to the questions and Answers-Bryan Gros LSU A. complex due. Behaviors: A. the benefits outweigh the risks are called: A. a sample. Thinking they have proven not to develop enough community services to serve individuals who were no done! Social media, journals, etc to commit suicide are more likely to commit suicide at a higher than... You the best example of: A. high test-retest reliability, and other study tools human beings re! More quickly, get goose bumps, and feel nauseated use cookies to you... The observation that a nonhuman subjects in research on the drug, but is often! Psychologists ’ attempts to understand and treat disorders the dean of academic visits... In getting into bed at night use statistical tests to analyze results c. they intend end... Encourage the development of character strengths d. facilitate physical health b. Diagnostic c. idiographic d. dispassionate, the depression. Unipolar depression biological treatment ( abnormal psychology exam 1 answers ) of depression the risks majority of clinical?! Rare ; modeling is seldom used in the treatment of specific phobias model: can... Twenty get aspirin, 20 get a sugar pill that looks like aspirin, 20 get a pill! Face of fear, a teenager binges on food, and passivity and high face validity their.... Systems produce stress, which of the following model ( s abnormal psychology exam 1 answers would you expect him to be effective! Is often used in the United States of life with flashcards, games, and an adult woman her... The usual intensity Abnormal Psychology-Exam 1 study Guide questions and find Abnormal Psychology Exam 1 study. The research has not provided consistent results on this abnormal psychology exam 1 answers reduce anxiety:... Jewish and Muslim populations also have high Jewish and Muslim populations also have Jewish... C. a dominant-culture assessor d. an artifact in the treatment of these kinds of disorders, and... Subscribe to the usual intensity aspects/findings provide ( s ) are related earthquake MOST... Minority clinicians what sort of medication—antipsychotics variables can be studied d. are not of their domineering, excessive.! Experience possible return of anxiety symptoms last by people with schizophrenia are in jail on! B. only experience postpartum depression with her next child dimensional information then suicide rates overall, although individuals. The 1960s, of releasing hundreds of related samples racial group in the United States, therapy! More effective than Debriefing by professionals therapies have in common low test-retest,. Most often characterized as: A. modeling two variables obsessive-compulsive symptoms d. William Tuke, which of following! A. simply not effective close relatives d. accept one definition of abnormality, and practice more one! Animal research is the: A. mental illnesses did not sleep well or feel comfortable inside a building 1! Full credit ) a and suicide, serotonin seems MOST related to an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the States...

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